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Originally Posted by Emanuel View Post
Yes, it's got a passenger side airbag. In the US, there's a keyhole on the side of the dash to disable it when you've got a child safety seat installed, but I don't think it's included in RHD markets. Does he not have the indicator light on the console that says so? It's circular, like the sport button but on the other side.

And no, there's no pop-up rollover system. The rollbars in an E85 Z4 are capable of support twice the weight of the car.

Airbags, rollovers - is your brother inherently reckless? You seem to have some concerns...
Yeah just checked, no disabler thingo.

Yeah I already figured

He's 21 and drives a BMW. Need I say more? Every young bimmer driver has a lead foot . I just don't want to eat dash if I'm in the passenger seat.

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