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I can't turn up boost on the turbo because of the compound effect, 8psi on SC and 9psi on turbo gives the car 23psi. Thats why im using a large turbo 9psi on a 700+ turbo should do well. I want to get it running right. Once I do I will look at lowering compression lower and turning up boost.

I'm going rear mount on the turbo to keep the heat down under the hood and rear mount allows turbo boost without an intercooler. Less piping, and general ease. It also allows for a simple setup in the event this doesn't work.

Fuel....I considered larger but I figured running 32lb injectors on 13psi of boost (currently) so doubling the boost would be 65lbs, but I actually am going to see if I can squeeze enough room in them to go e85. I'll know after the first tune...
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