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Originally Posted by wayne2970 View Post
There are a lot speculation whether to even bother with a fluid and filter change..opinions appreciated

Originally Posted by BMWCaptain View Post
Definitely do the fluid and filter change. You will find that your tranny performs better after doing it. You are cleaning the magnet in the pan, removing the dirty filter, installing a new filter and topping it up with the correct level of clean fluid.

I would always change the fluid & filters myself. Some people say that if you do that then some dirt can dislodge and become trapped inside the system... well to that I say; "if my transmission was in that state to begin with it is a ticking time bomb".

Just remember what the worst case is - your transmission packs it in. IF it dies, just remove the damn thing from your car and open it up and fix it. Transmissions are really not all that scary... unless you are underneath it and realize that you cant hold it up and it will crush your face - I would use a jack to lower it.

...... you might gain an appreciation for manual gearboxes if you have to open your automatic up though
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