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Man in Suit
Is this our hero? Or one of our playable protagonists in GTA V. The new trailer did nothing to confirm or refute our reporting last week that the game will feature multiple playable leads, but it does imply that this guy is someone we'll play as, just due to how close we're getting to him. Some people think this is Tommy Vercetti, lead character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. (They also think that the voice actor speaking over this trailer is Ray Liotta, who voiced Vercetti. We're not so sure.)

Working the Fields
We've got a plane in this shot. We didn't get planes at all in GTA IV, to many long-time fans' dismay. Could we fly a crop-duster? Maybe. What's more provocative is the idea that this game will somehow reference the work of immigrant labor, which is what we appear to see here. Imagine if we could play as one of them in this game... and if they were an illegal immigrant? But that's just speculation.

There aren't many guns in this trailer. Not much violence either. But here's one shot. Plus, we have another Los Santos reference.

"San Andreas"?
Check out the license plate. It's blurry, but it sure looks like it says "San Andreas", the name used in GTA: San Andreas to refer to a fictional U.S. state that included parts of California and Nevada, including fictional versions of L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Burger Jokes
This truck, for Up-N-Atom Burger, is a joke reference to legendary California burger chain In-N-Out Burger.

Poor guys living under an overpass. Another sign of recession?

Check out those Tires
If this trailer is running in-game footage (and, again, that's Rockstar's standard approach but not one they've confirmed yet for this one), then check out the detail on those tires.

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