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Originally Posted by klubeck View Post
This was my thought on the whole situation. At first I didn't think about Travis killing him, but instead him dying and Travis not wanting to let him go. However now with the whole plot line about Dr. Gellar having been missing it makes sense. I'm thinking that Travis looked up to the doctor a lot, and the stuff w/ the other girls made Travis jealous. I was thinking the whole split personality thing, and it makes sense his other personality has taken on the form of Gellar as he idolized him.

The portion w/ Quinn and the other teacher he banged is definitely going to come into play, I think they showed something like that in the season preview. I think it's only going to get more complicated.

Has anyone else read the episode headlines for the rest of the season? Final episode is titled "This Is the Way the World Ends" I know the whole season has been leading up to this apocalypse, end of the world. I'm curious to see if it is possibly the end of Dexter's double life--his second world; he gets caught. There is speculation this may be the last or second to last season.
Good theories. I'd love to see dexter get caught and see how they can work that all out.
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