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Originally Posted by CJW2OO4 View Post
I need to have my car detailed. Anyone having a detail day at their house?
just did you detail in a bucket B888. Did you ever get your Z done or what?

So pissed. Noticed a HUGE like 4 inch crack in the paint on my passenger side of the rear bumper when I was waxing her. Some a$$hole must have tapped me while I was parked and then took off. So F&***** pissed. So pissed.

My rear bumper was the part of my car that i was most proud about for the paint since it was so flawless. Then like an idiot, I picked up a sheet of blu-board for my bathroom when I was re-doing it and it wouldn't fit all the way in, so it was hanging out the back a little, hit a small bump very slow and it cracked in half and left a star spiral mark near the bottom. Then my daughter leaves her bike in the driveway RIGHT behind my car so I couldn't even see it. Backed up over that piece for like 15 feet thinking to myself "why does it feel like my e-brake is on?" two more marks. And now this F**** crack, I am going to KILL SOMEONE!

then there's the rust...ARRGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHG.
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