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Originally Posted by a_seiler604 View Post
Hello, everyone. My '03 325I M54 (90K miles) has a sporadic, low-pitched vibration/rattle at idle (~700rpm or less).

The vibration started immediately after I replaced gaskets for the valve cover and oil filter housing assembly (due to small oil leaks). It's a very low-pitched sound/vibration and kind of sounds like it's coming from inside the engine, although I can't be sure. I've put a stethoscope all over the easily-accessible parts of the engine, but can't pinpoint any source. The sound/vibration only happens sporadically at idle (more often when A/C or PS is engaged), and it never occurs above idle. You can hear the sound best either inside or underneath the car--less so when working under the hood due to pulley/belt/etc noises. No warning lights on the dash and no trouble codes from my OBD scanner. I think it has to be associated with the gasket replacements I did ... but I'm at a loss as to what the problem might be. The car runs very smoothly otherwise.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
When you say its connected to the PS and AC, do you mean that when you turn on the ac or turn the wheel at all, the RPMS dip a bit causing the vibration? Because if this the only time it arrises, then its perfectly normal, as the AC and PS use power from the engine therefor causing a slight dip.

My car (~150k) has an idleing issue thats not too bad, just that it sometimes dips enough to make my car "shudder." I have a brand new VCG, spark plugs, ICV, and Besian vanos-seals sitting next to my desk
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