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All good advice and I completed the DIY around two months ago. Only thing different in the DIY was that I found that in step 43 my bolt was actually an 8mm hex and not a T50 torx. I found that removing the expansion tank (ET) was one of the hardest parts (same difficulty as the lower radiator hose) and found that it helped to ask someone to pull from the top while I pushed from the bottom - before getting a face full of coolant from whatever was left in the ET.

I also made a pdf version of the DIY so I had big pictures to quickly refer to while under my car (8.5mb):

Unfortunately a leak has sprung above the ET and I cannot seem to find where it could be coming from for the life of me. The top ridge of my ET is a little wet with coolant, but when I reach my fingers under the two hoses above the ET (hose to ET and hose to radiator) I can't feel any wet coolant. It's also not coming from the bleed valve on top of my upper radiator hose as there are no coolant stains there.

Do you have any ideas on where or why I might be getting coolant wetness around the top of my ET? When I first found it, there was so much coolant that there was a small puddle that splashed through my splash guard! Now it's more like what the pictures look like:


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