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Originally Posted by ///M=Power View Post
where can i find just the retrofit cable for the triangle airbag steering wheel...i dont need the buttons that come with the kit for the round airbag steering wheel...just the wires, WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND JUST THE WIRING HARNESS...ive searched everywhere and the dealership only offers the harness with the buttons for the round airbag steering wheel and its like $300 so i said screw that, im not paying that much because it comes with buttons that i dont need.

Im at the point where im just going to attempt to wire it myself and make my own wiring harness, the main thing i want is just to have volume control and for the buttons to illuminate at night.

If it is the same one as the round one the part number is 61120016012 (the original post has an extra zero on the end).

If you meant the connecting lines at the steering wheel, you can see the part numbers here
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