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Wife and I got a JK 4 door in 2007 and had it for 3+ years. I've said this before on the forum..... I have not owned an american car in over 10 years and the Jeep was one of the most reliable cars I have ever had. Granted, I wasn't offroading all over the place, only on occasion. The only things we had to do during those 3 years was oil changes, small tranny leak fixed right after we bought it, new tires, new brakes, new windshield and a new battery..... and that was with 70k miles put on it. Yes the older ones have cheap interior and are kind of gutless, but it was a great vehicle in my opinion. I like that you could beat on it and not care, and it was reliable and still holds it's value. We bought it in the mid 20's when they first came out, NADA had it at $16k-18k private sale when we sold it.... Take the doors and roof off when the weather is nice.....
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