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Originally Posted by darksideracer69 View Post
Another question. I messed up and ordered the cable the has the serial end, instead of going to the obd2. Attached is a pic of how the inside of the 20pin cable looks. Would it be possible to feed the three wire into the obd2 plug with some pins? And to which pins?

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Have you got the female OBD2 connector? If so just connect OBD2.7 to TxD and TxD2. EDIT: and hook up the Power and GND too.

Originally Posted by rossi0112 View Post
just thought i would ask and apologise if all ready asked, but is there a one system software that i can get and install just to read fault codes and reset service lights, the ediabas,inpa,sss,tis all seem to be such a challenge to understand and install and different things ot set and enable..i used to have an Audi A6 and had a system called VCDS with a cable, it was simple to use just install and run and connect to car plug, and in reckon a child could easily understand how to use i have a BMW i have trawled through a lot of stuff and am really very confused..

Any help would be appreciated
You need INPA and EDIABAS as a bare minimum.

INPA is the program that talks to the car.
EDIABAS is a tiny program that shares the COM port out to several programs when needed.

Follow the guide in post #1.
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