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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
BTW, for those that know about these things....what if I want to run normal 18"s (stockies) with road tires during the 9 months, and then 35" snow monsters on 16"s during the do you deal with the gearing and speedo situations? Do you swap gears out all the time, or just ride out on the stockies?
road tires will be 31's? All you do to accommodate the larger tire is switch out the gears and chip your jeep so it knows what size tires it is running. If you are going to be doing it on a regular basis just find the gear that suits those two tire sizes the best. There is a list of gears along with the tire sizes they work with.

Gears will cost you ~$300 for the front and rear axles. The expensive part will be the labor unless you can install them yourself.
A chip for your spedo is ~$200
*Keep in mind these are for manuals. You will want to go a gear size up for auto

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