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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
PRICE please. not that I can't do it myself, just curious.

Do you need to use a push/pull fluid transfer for changing these fluids? for those of you that have done it, do you use OEM fluids, or Redline, etc...?
Alright meng,

This is what I did this past Saturday. I went to Advance Auto to buy motor oil, gear oil, and transmission fluid. I walked in and got some castrol motor oil, and royal purple gear oil, but I couldnt find the tramission fluid. I went to grab a german filter and bam! 2 bottles of MTL fluid made by Pentacon (oem tranny fluid without bmw label) Buy that ish and walk out

So my and Uktraine3 did the oil change and drained the tranny of its fluid Then we tried filling the tranmission with one of those hand pumps. That didnt work so we got this pump that screwed down onto bottles and then filled the ish with the fluid.

Ran out of time and tools to do the diff fluid but I will get that done some point the next two weekends.

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