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Originally Posted by moneymike View Post
I must admit that in the beginning I thought like many of the others where the hell is he going with this...why doesn't he just get that sub with the build in amp that mounts to the top of the trunk

but yours came out GREAT and they subs come right into the car...let me ask you does the music sound for people in the back seat? are there speakers in the doors?
All my original speakers are in the car, just plus these two sub woofers. So I now have 4 speakers in the rear deck (2 of my subs, and 2 mid/low driver BMW speakers) as well as 1 speaker in each rear door (highs/tweeter). Plus all the normal front speakers.

It sounds fine from the back, just reallllly instense lol. It is obviously louder when your ears are less than a foot from the subs, But I don't like listening to music super loud with other people in the car. I really like the subs because I can play them loud as ****, or have them practically off because of my base control knob up front.

Originally Posted by gab24m3 View Post
I've been thinking of doing a 12W7 in the rear deck, you have inspired me greatly and will hopefully tackle this soon. What kind of saw and xtra tools did you use to cut the metal and do you have any pics? Looks awesome by the way!
I used a dremel with about 15 metal cutting wheels. It took a fair amount of time to get it to the correct size, but all I used on the metal was a dremel
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