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Check this heat shield, shown in the photos. The tip of the screwdriver is resting on the heat shield in question. It can vibrate at idle, and it is quite loud, and sounds like a serious VANOS issue. I was able to cure mine by putting some self adhesive heat shield on it, which stopped the vibration. I have also read about people just bending it down, which also made the noise stop. I think my solution is a little more permanent. Just push down on it when the engine is on, and if the noise stops, then that is your problem! Obviously, be careful of any moving parts....

You can get the heat shield here, and cut it down to size. It is only $11, and ships free with Amazon Prime:

First photo, for orientation. I am standing by the passenger side fender:

Untitled by MJLavelle, on Flickr

Second view, a little closer, which clearly shows the heat shield:

Untitled by MJLavelle, on Flickr

Close up of the part that was vibrating:

Untitled by MJLavelle, on Flickr
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