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Oh man sorry to hear it, I hope your little brother is okay and you didn't harm him. I would use a good cleaner like the 303 Cleaner & Spot Remover and a microfiber towel, q-tips or DI Accessories Foam Swabs - Flexible Head or DI Accessories Foam Swabs - Rigid Head. It just takes time and patience to get in to all the various spots the liquid will get in to. Afterward I'd get Leatherique Prestine Clean and Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil to use on the boot to deep clean it and make it feel like new again. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Greg @ DI
Thanks for the reply. I've got some Leatherique already and I didn't think to use it on the boot. My brother is actually fine, only because he's quite a bit bigger than me (even though he's my younger brother)... lol. I'm not sure if this was the right way to do it but, I just used my detail brush and got it a little bit wet with some cleaner and dabbed it around the buttons that got sticky and it ended up working well. Then, just let it air dry before I turned the car on to make sure the buttons still worked. They still have a little "stick" to them but they are a ton better than before.
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