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Drano Clears BMW Convertible Drains --No More Water in Spare Tire Well!

1. Get the strongest liquid drain cleaner you can find.
2. Open convertible top part way, prop open if needed, so you have clear access to the main hinge assemblies
3. put newspaper along edge of running boards, weight them down --this helps you see when drains clear, and protects surface from drain cleaner
4. Use strong vac, with narrow tip to remove all debris you can while it's dry, both sides of both hinge assemblies --remember, you're clearing out a horizontal space, through under the hinge (awful design!)
5. same idea, but using water With vac tip deep as possible on inside edge of hinge assembly, sucking, spray strongest hose-nozzle stream into deepest spot on outside edge
6. Reverse positions of water stream and vac tip, spray-and-suck again
(Doing 5 and 6 on both hinge assemblies dislodges/vacs out a good bit of the debris --but probably not the real clog. Check Newspapers you laid out for drip marks.)
7. pour 1/2 cup of the drain cleaner into each hinge area and go for a run or something --I let mine sit for about an hour
8. replace the newspapers, consider putting glass cups under ID'd drip points
9. vaccuum out both sides of both hinges to get any remaining drain cleaner out before step 10.
10. WITH SAFETY GOGGLES and old clothes on, repeat steps 5 and 6
11. repeat step 7, look immediately to see if it flows right through or not. If so, wait a few minutes, remove catch cups, rinse once more --you're done. If no, have another run, repeat 9 and 10 --should flow right through.

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