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Now we must get the coil pack harness out of the way. The whole harness is secured to the valve cover via small black clips. I have outlined the location of the clips below and took a close up to show you what they look like

With your finger, pry the clips away from the harness to release. With the harness loose you can move it out of the way and fold it up onto the intake manifold.

We are almost ready to remove the value cover. You want to make sure all of the wires are free and clear on the bottom and far side of the valve cover. See below how they are all tucked away from it

Next step is to remove all of the 10mm bolts holding the valve cover down. There are 15 bolts total securing the cover to the head. I have outlined them all below for reference

Grab your 10mm socket and go to work. Remove all 15 bolts securing the valve cover. The bolts will consist of a metal washer and rubber grommet. Make sure both come out with the bolt.

With all of the bolts removed we can now take the cover off. The cover might be sealed pretty good on there so you might have to give it a persuasive tug. Use the oil fill hole for leverage if needed

Shot of the head with the vale cover removed

Here is a shot of the old gasket. It is hard to tell in the picture but the old gasket was all dried out and cracking. Remove the old gasket and the spark plug seals.

New parts ready to be installed

Seat your new valve cover gasket and spark plug seats in the valve cover. You may way to run a bit of oil along the edge that is seated into the cover to lubricate it a bit.

Before we put the cover back on i recommend putting some Red RTV High Temperature silicone on where the half moon seals sit. It would not hurt to put a little bit of silicone where you suspect loans are prone to form.

Apply the RTV as shown below. Let the RTV sit for about an hour to seal properly before starting the car up

Now you can seat the valve cover back in place on the cylinder head.

Grab your new grommets and seat them in place for all of your valve cover bolts

Starting putting the valve cover bolts back on. I suggest tightening the bolts down in a star pattern to ensure equal pressure on all sides. Recommended Torque specs can be found below

Torque Specifications: 10nm

Center bolt secured

Shot of all the bolts tightened in place

At this point you can begin following this DIY in the reverse order to button everything back up. Here is a shot of everything with most of the stuff re-installed.

Hope this article has helped and motivated you guys to continue doing your own maintenance. Any questions please feel free to ask.

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