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Thanks for all the comments. I have a few pics on my Facebook under the folder called "Serious M3"..

Not sure if you can see them without being a friend, but heres the link.

I'll take some more pics tomorrow and post them up. The car looks stock from the outside. Even has stock wheels.

We made the fuel system pretty much from scratch. We built a in-tank pump removal kit that allows us to pull fuel directly from the tank by the fuelab pump. Its -12 hardline all the way to the fuel rail. We welded -12 fittings on the HPF rail. Then from the rail we went to a weldon regulator then -10 from there back to the tank. We're using the stock pump as a lift pump to transfer fuel from the other side of the tank to the feed side. We wanted to do it once and make sure we had enough fuel to support any future upgrade ..

I have the FuelLab FP set on high speed right now, but I plan on running it off the ProEFI's PWM pump control, that way it'll just ramp up pump speed based on fuel system load.

The intercooler setup is a simple front mount setup, nothing fancy. Seems to be working sufficiantly at this power level.

We have no exhaust at this time, the turbo has a short 3in down pipe that has all the factory O2s and the ProEFI O2 in it. Needless to say, it sounds awesome

We're using a Precision 46mm WG.

Not much else to it really. I'm currently working on some ideas having to do with the stock DME to improve the experience even more, but I don't want to give out any details until I have it all worked out and ready to go. But I'll keep this thread updated on progress as we go.
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