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Just completed the installation of my unit.

I purchased the unit with reversing camera, digital TV module and the fakra cable from incarmedia.com.au.

This was to replace the original analog tv/nav/6 stack cd units mounted in the boot. I had also added a DICE Mediabridge, but it was never all that satisfactory. (for me)

Pretty happy with the delivery, ordered Wednesday arrived Friday.

Couple of small difficulties in that the fakra cable had flat pins and my car has round pins. I sent an email to incarmedia and within 10 minutes I had a response. Not what I expected but a response nonetheless. "Replace the plug on the farkra cable with the plug from the short cable harness supplied". Hmmmm, I was hoping for a replacement fakra cable, but I was informed that was the only one available, no round pin type. Ok, so I decide to bite the bullet and swap the plugs, after about half an hour reading various posts on this forum. Not a big deal, just pushed the flat pins out of the plug and then connected the cables colour for colour and then had a couple left over! Seems the fakra and the short connector are not identical due to the setup of the original sat/nav/radio being in the boot. There is information about that elsewhere in the forum. (Hint: Connect the pink and the white wires for steering controls)

The I discovered I was missing a couple of cables! Antenna extension cable and the cable for the steering controls! I could live without the steering controls in the short term, but I wanted the radio working, so I headed off to Autobarn and grabbed a 5 metre extension cable and ran that as well.

An email to In Car Media had a quick response and a cable was soon on it's way.

Installing everything is pretty simple after following all the installation posts on here, even with the oem cd/nav.

Reversing camera is a bit of a challenge, and I looked at that over a few days trying to understand what connected to what, particularly as the cable that came with the camera wasn'r the one with the reverse cable in it, so I had to run an extra cable back to the farkra plug from the camera to get it to come on when in reverse.


IPOD is good except for the issue with no resume function, restarting the IPOD every time you turn the car off can be a bit annoying if you do short trips. On long trips it's fine, but not ideal.
I burnt a DVD with MP3's (4gb) and that has the resume function and will pick up where it left off even after switch functions, e.g. radio-TV-disk, etc. Too bad the IPOD won't.

BLUETOOTH is fantastic. I'm using the micrphone in the front of the unit and that works pretty well with the top up and the windows closed, but not so good with the top down. I will try the extension microphone at some point and see how that goes.

SAT/NAV. Came with IGO8 with Australian maps, completely functional but I thought there might be something better, so I looked around and downloaded a customised version of Primo from here

Nice work Bazzle01!

DTV MODULE was very disappointing to begin with. After scanning for available TV stations, I got nothing. Perhaps that was because I was sitting in my garage at the time. Took a drive to a nearby highway where I could actually see the TV transmitters and scanned again and got all the digital tv and radio stations that are available! Very happy with that. But after a few days I found that it was very intermittant and more often got no tv at all.

I had mounted one antenna vertically in the "A" pillar next to the windscreen, the second one was a challenge with a convertible, so I had it sitting under one of the rear headrests and that appears not to be the place!

The best place for any antenna is the highest possible point and cars are no different. I moved the front antenna to the centre of the windscreen behind the rain sensor attached with double sided tape, it's not visible from inside the car and the tint band hides it from outside.

The rear antenna needed to be in the soft top I decided, above the rear glass. The problem with that was the cable is about 1 metre short. I found that even though it's a thin cable, it uses the same size connectors as the cable TV in my house, so it was just a matter of getting a cable joiner and running a normal cable tv cable from the DTV box behind the glovebox, through the console and under the back seat. There I joined the new cable to the antenna cable and pushed the antenna into the soft top near the back window and secured it with duct tape. It was a bit of work, but now I have excellent reception for most TV stations, most of the time, even get one station in my garage! You need to be a bit careful how you run the cable on the roof frame, but the heated rear window cable is a good guide where it should run so it doesn't get caught when you open and close the roof.

I have to point out that I live about 10k's from the transmission towers and that obviously helps. Digital TV is either on or off, not like the analog that would give a picture of various quality depending on the strength of the signal, and was never that great while the car was moving. (not that I would ever do that!!!)
"Testing" of the new antenna set up works very well even while moving.
So, the summary of the antenna setup is:
1. As high as possible on the car
2. Mount antenna horizontal not vertical
3. Not too close together.

All in all, it has been a fun exercise, learnt a LOT about the way BM's are put together and now I have a very nice head unit that does some good things.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to the installation posts, they were a great help.
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