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A little insight into mentality from the Israeli Defense Force, as told by former IDF soldier, Ty DeNevi of Mako Defense/The Mako Group.

In Israel, he isn't dead 'till he's shot in the head.

It comes down to motive. What is the motive of the criminal - the thief, the drug dealer/runner, the rapist, the mugger, the guy poaching a moose? It is to benefit from the crime. In order to benefit, he must survive. If he must abandon the attempt to survive, or dump the drugs or cash, or leave the moose in the woods, he will.

A terrorist, in any form, is not a criminal. He is not a human. He has become a dangerous animal that acts without normal human logic. He may be a jihadist with a bomb strapped to himself, a kid in the mall with a weapon, a guy walking into a church with a shotgun because his marriage is falling apart and he wants to kill himself and take his wife and everyone else possible with him. Whatever he is, when he begins his act of terrorism he has made the decision to die. This is what makes him so dangerous. He does not think about his own safety. He does not care if he takes chances. He will continue on the course he has set out upon as quickly and aggressively as possible in order to ensure that he does the maximum amount of damage possible before he is killed. He does not lay on the floor after being shot and try to stop his bleeding. He lays on the floor and tries to kill more people before he bleeds out. He does not act with human emotion or logic. In fact, he is no longer human. Fortunately his body structure is human, and we therefore know how to destroy him.

As our society shifts to face a growing threat, our law enforcement must make the mental shift to be able to deal with this kind of violence. LE officers must have the mindset that when such an event begins, people will continue to die until someone stops it. There is no waiting for backup, moving slowly and safely; every second means more innocent people are dead. At the moment such an event starts, any officer (or civilian for that matter) who is on the scene or arriving to the scene must undergo an immediate transformation.

Taking a lesson from the terrorist, the person responding must cease to be the person he was and become a machine with a single purpose - to completely destroy the threat. Safety is no longer as important as speed and aggression when other people are dying.
A good insight into your consideration of how you need to respond to a shooting incident. Are you going to do what is necessary to stop the threat, or are you going to protect yourself? The outcomes may be the same, or they may be very different. Something to understand is that your reaction to a threat may vary by the incident, but what you decide can have a profound impact on others.
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