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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
^ I got a fully loaded Sahara for a great price, 730 navi, side airbags, leather, remote start, heated seats, connectivity, and auto for 33K. I don't plan to offroad other than minor maybe dirt trails. I got it mostly because of NYC's crappy (and getting crappier) roads, and for the snow. Honestly, rock crawling didn't interest me. I appreciate it, but not something I see myself doing, or having the time to do. I was set on the Rubicon, but a number of Jeep owners and even the dealer quickly talked me out of it. I leased the car, and may or may not end up keeping it. If I feel it is lacking, I will get a Rubicon the next time around. At this point, I could not justify the extra 7k for a Rubicon.

BTW, not arguing, but the reviewers said that even the sport is a very capable off road machine, just not rock crawling.
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