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Ok so I had 3 big issues this week.

1.Vanos-get it off and ready to be sent out to get cryogenically hardened, also replace cam bolts (known for failure), vanos filter, gaskets ext.-DONE

2.Subframe reinforcement-figure out exactly what I'm going to do weld or epoxy-epoxy wins as I'm having to much difficulty with welding issues.-DONE AND WILL START THE RE ENFORCEMENT AS SOON AS I GET THE EPOXY (hopefully next week)

3.Wiring-Figure out exactly what needs to be done and start wiring in all the new stuff-STRUGGLING TO FIND GOOD INFO ON THIS IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A WRITE UP ON THIS LET ME KNOW

After I complete these 3 things I only have to decide one more thing; paint or not to paint the engine bay? (It's getting cold and I'm worried it will cause problems with painting)

After I have finalized the stuff I listed above it will be time to start the fun part of putting everything back together.
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