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Originally Posted by nike001 View Post
I did the Orange pad w/ M105 for the main part and finished up with a black pad w/ M205. I got a lot of the cloudiness out, but not the buffing trails. I didn't do that much correction work either. Longer work times in an area I suppose? It was my first time using my Porter Cable.
You may want to then try the M205 with a white pad to get a little more polishing power to remove that haze. If you can test that combo out on a small area where you are seeing the buffer trails.

As for the cause the pad may have been a bit dry or too much pressure. When a pad is brand new use a little extra polish so the pad doesn't have dry spots. Another solution some like is spraying a tiny mist of quick detailer (i.e. Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe) on the pad before hand.

Hopefully this helps!

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