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Hi guys I have a similar problem. My car started slipping from 1st to 2nd gear. I went to the first trans. shop and the guys said that I`ll be lucky if I get home and the transmission is completely gone. Since then I`ve been driving it for over 3 weeks or more every day. However I also got the reverse issue as well, so far 4 times but after aprox. 10km, each time it cames back on. There is a guy that is saying that he is 100% sure its the solenoids and that everybody else is trying to sell me a transmission.
Since I read the thread I already know that the solenoids are probably causing the reverse disappearing. Is it possible that they are causing the car to slip from 1st gear to 2nd gear as well, like the mechanic is stating, or he is just trying to rip me off by replacing something that wont fix my main slipping issue.
Just dont want to spend extra money if I will eventually end up replacing the transmission, so I hope someone here can give me an opinion.
Thank you in advance
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