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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
He shot her too fast IMO. She was not listening but she was not advancing.

In this case it doesnt matter, but with other witnesses, it could be a problem.

ESPECIALLY girl vs guy and knife vs gun.

At that distance, she could've closed the gap and stabbed him in less than 1 second. I'm not sure I would've given her more than 1 verbal. Her intentions were perfectly clear and the weapon was clearly ready to strike.

I disagree with his volunteering of information to 911. He said way too much. That recording will be played back a hundred times on TV and in court.

There are also situations when even calling 911 at all or reporting the incident is a bad move all together (hell, in the video, the guy was shot by the cops!). If it's a good shoot, there is no "crime" to report. Why place yourself at the scene or report yourself as involved? You have no duty to do so. Personally, I don't want my name and home address published all over the newspapers and TV to the bad guys family and friends on where and when to find me and my family for retaliation. There are situations where I would, and some that I may not.

Definitely a lot to consider and I hope I never, ever have to.

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