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Great thread. I think I have something slightly different but related

mine will move normal when dead cold, but once it reaches "mid temp" (maybe 60 sec of idle) I need to rev to 4000rpm to get any movement, forward or reverse. I then need to let the car idle for a very long time (6 or 7 min) and it will move and shift perfect. If I take off and drive before that 60sec is up I get some rev bouncing but I'm fine after a mile of driving.

Now before I found this thread I thought it was low trans fluid. I let the car warm up until the pan was warm but not hot (this is the "mid temp" from above) then removed the fill plug. to my surprise a ton of foamy, luke warm ATF came out. I put the plug in to think about the situation - after a few more min the pan got much hotter (I assume fluid started to circulate) so I topped off what I lost. Still have the problem.

Took it to aamco (mine has all the bmw diag software) - I have no trans codes. Reading this thread it sounds like its common for this to not throw any codes. They also had a hard time duplicating the problem, and didn't have any ideas on how to fix it.

I think I will ask them to replace my valve body. Like neil I almost don't want to do anything, since it runs perfect once I get it warmed up. I think I might have a bad main regulator (EPC solenoid) instead of the TCC solenoid.

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I'm an owner of a 2004 BMW 325xi with just over 72,000 miles. I was reversing out of my driveway on Saturday morning (just 3 days ago) and when I shifted my car into D, it would not go forward. I kept trying to get the car to drive, but it would not drive forward - so naively I stepped on the gas, revved it forward, and it drove forward. That was the 1st drive of the day.

On Monday (yesterday), a friend of a friend suggested I visit a foreign car repair shop. I visited the shop today and they ran a diagnostic test to see if anything electrical could be causing the issue. According to the mechanic, there are no apparent electrical failures. He's suggesting that I replace the transmission.
Sounds similar to my situation, too bad you only made 1 post, would love to know what fixed it. Maybe the 390 Xi version of the 5L40E has problems with forward as well...

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