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Some people just get on their rant

And get carried away. Of course it's OK to get on the board and ask a question that is difficult to diagnose long distance. Sometimes just the confidence and being directed in the correct direction gets the job done. Read the board to see dozens of examples of problems solved here only because the poster was reminded of things he forgot he knew. And besides, if we all only went to dealer computers to cure what ails us, what use would the board have?
Carry on!

Originally Posted by msgjuba View Post
Thanks for the offer BMW-North. I'm not close by though, I'm in SW Ontario. The car is driveable, in fact, it feels perfectly fine, no engine light on now.

I'm getting a lot of hate on here, so I'm just going to briefly respond. I'm going to get my codes read, especially now that I know its stored in the memory. I'm not trying to diagnose over the internet. But I am trying to get an idea of possible causes that are common points of failure, and understand how those failures might affect the car, so I can use common sense to figure out what might be the problem. What do you guys think mechanics did before there were on-board computers? Geez, the internet generation...

For example, common sense would say that an unbalanced engine means a cylinder isn't firing, and ginpunk gave me a free and easy way to check if that is happening, by myself, if the problem happens again. I don't see what's so offensive about asking questions so that I have a better understanding of common points of failure.

About me not going to the mechanic as soon as my engine light goes on: I don't have the luxury of going to the mechanic every time it blips on and off again, especially knowing everytime I bring my car in I get a $1000 bill. The car has 170k, if the engine blew up tomorrow it would suck but not be the end of the world, the car isn't that valuable with that many kms. It's not like I've been driving around for months while my engine light remains on. I don't see why I need "driver education" or how I am lacking "common sense". That's a pretty rude response.

Thanks for everyone that has been helpful so far. I will try to figure out where I can get my codes read and report back.
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