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For the door only, I was thinking metal fatigue at the bend in the hinged side. Just like the trunk lid loom. I've checked all connections, cleaned them all, hooked and unhooked the amp, then got frightened by the simple solution offered above with all that technical stuff!

Hmmm, you know what, when I reported it as fixed, I had the door open, then turned on the radio full tilt, closed the door, it stayed on, but then didn't come on again when I turned radio on...it might be the reason why my door speakers aren't working...come to think of it! I know amps go bad and that just one or another outputs might be bad...that's where that diagram above comes in!

Was also thinking that a shock replacement might have kinked one of the wires that need to come out. It got to the point that it could be a few things, none of which I really wanted to deal with.

Fixing the wire coming out of the door, I think needs the door to be off the hinges...maybe not, but it's a tight corner to solder in! Maybe I could just crimp, though it's in a rubber hose, so it's a tight space.

Anyway, that's why I stopped! I rarely listen to the radio. AM for traffic reports if I'm going into the city, and NPR, which I don't need to hear on all the speakers.

Then, you know, I just listen to my engine and the sounds of my car falling apart!

I've first got to fix my broken reverse light...broken wire in the loom again! Damn!
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