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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
The amp itself, as the source, could suffer an intermittent output problem. When near ground or high resistance is detected, they go into protection and snuff the output. I'd open the common (channel) connection points and use temporary by-pass jumpers for testing to see if you can restore certain speakers while others are disabled. May at least tell you where the problem is. Tweeters, mid-bass and shelf speakers have dedicated amp cross-over outputs from the amp. The amp therefore is multi-channel. I can't see why front door and the rear shelf combo fail as separate amps unless the entire channel source (preamp signal) is dying? Are there any left-side speakers that remain working?
Yea, both left doors have a speaker working.

I don't know what 'open common connection points' means, though I can certainly jump from a working speaker into a non-working one...but I don't think it's the speaker and I know it's not the entire channel.

Hmmm? So a wire hitting ground could coz the amp to shut off that one speaker?

Once again, why I'm glad I'm deaf in one ear and don't listen to the radio!
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