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Make a sweet potato casserole with a candied pecan crust on top. Crushed pecans, brown sugar, little flour, and melted butter. Cover the top of the mashed sweet potatoes and bake in the oven until golden brown and tender.

Oh yea, I forgot the punchline. For every 3 sweet potatoes you use, use one banana. You can wrap them in aluminum foil and bake in the oven until they are mushy... say 300 for 20 minutes or so. I swear these will be the best sweet potatoes you have in your entire life. That little hint of banana will leave everyone saying WTF AWESOME!

I'm not kidding... and its amazing with gravy as well.

Oh and if anyone on here buys canned gravy, i will shoot your face. Braise the turkey neck (whole, bones and all) with a little oil in a large pan. Wait till the bottom of the pot gets nice and brown (not burned) and all of the meat falls off the bones. You should end up with a good amount of shredded salty neck meat at the bottom of the pan

Get a couple dashes of white wine to deglaze the pan, then you can add some stock from the turkey drippings itself, along with some half and half. Cook on low to medium, depending on your stove... it shouldn't be violently boiling or else the cream will peace the fvck out and your gravy will be ruined. Once it has the right consistency, season to taste. I promise you this will be the best gravy of your life. So easy to do as well....

oh yea... BRINE your turkey... just had one yesterday that was only brined in a salt solution. IMO.... 1 cup sugar, 1 cup salt, 1 gallon of water, then get an herb bag full of whatever you want... peppercorns, bay leaves, etc... add a little chopped onion and garlic to the water as well. bring to a boil with all of the ingredients then bring it down to refrigerator temp. Use that to bring the turkey for minimum 24 hours. Keep the turkey in a cooler or whatever you got, keep it cold by adding ice, x amount of times throughout the day. If you are in a colder climate and you have a good cooler, i wouldn't think that adding ice more than 2 times a day is necessary, just let that bad boy suck up all that flavor and moisture

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