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Originally Posted by ///Mostarac View Post
no no no, you have it all wrong.
it's not all about cosmetic enhancement.

putting a 2 foot high wing on the back of your car is not the same as getting HID's or tinting tail lights.

Putting spinners on is not the same as getting some volks or HRE's.

see, there's a difference.
You're right. Proper HIDs are effective and are not rice. The two foot high wing is probably more effective than the tinted tail lights.

Originally Posted by BBBoy323i View Post
+1 R.I.C.E.= race incspired cosmetic enhancements, the mods that we do are not defined as rice
For the classic definition of rice, one needs to go to Bryan's Riceboy page. It's where it all started (defining rice and coining the phrase).
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