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My Ride: 2000 323Ci
Posting on suspension that I haven't seen posted anywhere yet in this forum

I have a 2000 323ci with the sport package.
Vehicle has 137k miles. Bought this thing from an original owner and original suspension.
I put on the Ksport Kontrol Pro coilover kit. Its 36 way adjustable.
Driven about 400 miles on suspension and so far very very pleased.
MSRP 1500, I paid less than that.
I have this setup at full soft right now (Heavy Heavy snow in Anchorage so far this winter). full soft it is plush, handles all the bumps very well. Initially after I installed these I had them on full stiff for a day and it was like a go cart. Plenty of ride height adjustability. I have it set to stock height measurements right now and I can go at least an inch higher and probably 2+ lower. I had reservations about installing a japanese made product on a german car, not for quality reasons, but for principled reasons. However, I was surprised how many people mentioned these as quality coils. Time will tell how these fare, but I am subjecting them to an incredibly harsh environment and if they last these will have proven themselves.
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