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Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
I took 2 a day. F the "1-2 per meal" bs
yeah lol I don't know I'll prob do what it says and buy new bottle every month like it wants me to do haha.

Here's todays workout. Awesome day. Felt very good and proud of my deadlift. Maybe I'm just excited for tonight being that it's the biggest part night of the year or maybe the jacked I took helped. Possible placebo but I'll take it. I'll just copy and paste the fitocracy post with notes for each workout.

Barbell Squat:
45 lb x 15 reps
95 lb x 10 reps
135 lb x 5 reps
155 lb x 3 reps
175 lb x 5 reps
175 lb x 5 reps
175 lb x 5 reps

Every work set of squats has felt the same since 160. Good sign. Loving the fact that I can grunt in my own garage. Always seems to make the lift easier.

Barbell Bench Press:
45 lb x 15 reps
85 lb x 10 reps
115 lb x 5 reps
130 lb x 5 reps
130 lb x 5 reps
130 lb x 5 reps

Feels heavy but not difficult. Bench press was never my best lift but hoping to get to 175 within a few months. I good forward to the days when I was repping 85-90lb dumbbells

Barbell Deadlift:
135 lb x 10 reps
185 lb x 5 reps
205 lb x 3 reps
230 lb x 5 reps

This has felt very similar since 205. Very good feeling doing something I didn't think I'd be able to do when I started this program. Looks like hitting my goal of 275 at the end of the program will be doable. Only 1.5months in and I plan on sticking to it until the linear progression stalls out. The over under grip is a life saver.

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