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Originally Posted by fadeaway View Post

This is the camera I am talking about.

There is one wire coming off of the camera which goes to that black rubber thing. From the rubber thing, the power and video lines split off. When I took my trunk lid lip apart, the factory hole does not fit either of the RCA connectors or the black rubber thing. So I chopped before the black rubber thing exposing only three wires instead of a total of four coming from the two RCA connectors. My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to make sure the black rubber thing had just a splitter with common ground, but it turns out that there is circuitry in there. I cut through the circuitry on accident thinking that no self-respecting idiot of a company would put in-line components in something like this.

My conclusion is that if you want to do this mod using one of these chinese cameras, cut between the camera and that black rubber thing and extend the three wires which are like 36AWG. Fit a connector between to make the entire process easily reversible (if you care), and close it all up. Oh, and get a LED license plate light that matches the nit rating of this tiny light.

Does the round, Aussie version have a connector for this part? Are the distance marks in meters or feet? I would love to have meters...
I just got my camera and it's th one in the above picture. Thing is I don't see a trigger wire to run with the RCA. It's not in the above picture either. Am I blind ?
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