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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
I think you may need to post more info before you get anything more than a random guess diagnosis. What work has been done on the car lately? How may miles does the car have? Do you have any error codes, and what are they? What diagnosis have you done? How are you sure it is not the MAF? What maintenance was done or not done to the car before you bought it? I am not trying to give you a hard time. I am just saying that in order to get a useful diagnosis, more information is needed. It could be an out of balance driveshaft. It could be your tires, suspension bushings, alignment, DISA valve, transmission, differential, vacuum leak, spark plugs, coils, or dozens of other things. It sounds like you have spent a lot of money getting other things fixed recently. It could be related to something that was already "fixed", but not done correctly. You really need to add more info to narrow it down. Good luck.
Good point.. This problem is stressing me out and im going about it the wrong way.. And this from the prompt response!

I was so keen to get answers I forgot to mention the sound is along the driveline.. *idiot*

Since i bought it ive got a new idler puller to fix a squeak since day one.. I got a new hose to the engine.. That had my car out of order for a good week.. With fears of a much higher invoice..

However every mechanic I've taken it to has never seen this before.. No codes picked up were related to the problem..

I've considerd torque converter, (but that would occur regardless of the car bing under load), o2 sensors ( I'd be getting idle problems), MAF (also idle problems), disa (more idles problems).. Not to mention the fact none of them would cause massive vibration/shudder... Unless it was a brushing/mounting problem.. Which I've been assured by an indie it is not (wankers ripped me off since day one)..

ATF? BMW assures lifetime reliability? Maybe the previous owner changed it with crap quality ATF?
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