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Hi all,
signed up just now on this forum after owning my 2004 M3 since brand new. Finally have something to talk about as only now have I begun to modify parts of my M3 after all these years.
Last night I installed a BSW subwoofer on the rear deck and while I was at it ran the line from trunk to glove box for the Dice Media bridge which I just bought a week ago.
Immediately I heard the blip and after a few seconds noticed it was timed with the audio text scroll. Google found this thread in seconds.
I have a bad feeling about this, as tracing digital interference in a complex car is obviously complicated. My gut feeling is that the problem is inside the dice box and not coming from the long line. There are unshielded wires all over this stereo system that would have caused us to hear these blips long ago if the problem was unshielded wiring.
I have emailed both Dice and BSW who are Dice dealers and they have experience with our cars.
Will keep you all posted.
One more observation- the gain is way too high on my media bridge. Have to check if this is adjustable. BMW business radio is set to 0 gain for this CD input, but sound from iPhone through Dice box is way louder than radio, in dash CD, and BMW Aux input that I have used for years for my iPod.
The iPhone/iPod sounds far better using BMW Aux-in than through the Dice Mediabridge which seems to be clipping.
Anyone else notice this? I will need to fix both the clipping and the blip interference if I am going to keep this.

Subwoofer sounds pretty powerful so far although not much better than the Bazooka tube I had in there despite the fact that this sub is 3 times the price, power, and quality. The trunk is very soundproofed when the seats are closed.

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