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Originally Posted by TiAg323ci View Post
I feel your pain but trading that car in to the stealership may not be be the best option. Dealerships are crooks who do nothing but lowball you. If you don't want the car any longer consider selling it on this site or on craigslist, and disclose the issues to prospective buyers. It sounds like the car has some decent mods and I would guess it would certainly be worth more than $3500
the problem is.. i'm not sure what all the issues are because of previous owner knowing exactly what to say but had nothing to back it up in the end. the car started literally leaking every type of fluid it has except transmission fluid.

i paid more than blue book value for the maintenance it never had performed.. so i dont have a way to pay the bank back if i sell it private party for half or less of the original price i bought it for.

i've already sanked $1,350 into it 2 weeks after i bought it.

like father.. like son
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