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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
PM me with a price for the strut bar.
I know you probably don't want to talk about it, but what the Hell happened here? If the guy lied about the service records, why can't you force him to take it back? Have you asked for some advice on the General Forum, to see if there are other options besides taking a drastic loss? I would think you would have better luck parting it out, maybe finding a buyer that will pay for a good base car for a race build. I am just wondering what happened, and if there may be better options for you. If you really don't want to get into it, I understand, and you can just tell me to mind my own business. It sounds like you are in a desperate situation, and I can't help thinking there may be better options. Either way, good luck with everything.

Well i just got out of a 2001 AUDI S4.. saw this BMW on and talked to the guy on the phone for awhile.. he lived in Dallas, Tx and i live about 3 and a half hours away in College Station, he told me everything i wanted to hear about the maintenance and that he had an A4 audi before he started BMW and that it constantly had boost leaks.. so i took the guys word for it and it sounded educated. the car add on autotrader stated all of the upgrades including that the ENTIRE COOLANT SYSTEM HAD BEEN REPLACED. he basically went over the subframe issue.. everything just because he must have had so many previous potential buyers that he knew what was going to sink his a**

Now im sitting here with the most beat to crap BMW i've ever seen. I bought the car instantly because i had taken a bank loan out with a bank that is really crappy because they didn't want to hand me cash they wanted to sign the check in the sellers name and the only security measures they did was call the seller and ask him for the address..

guess what.. the idiot told them his address spelled differently so that it wasn't the same.. who knows if that is even his current address because i found 2 others to go by on insurance cards.. ive been tempted to drive to all 3 but i dont need another felony on my record for killing a thief.

it has a massive oil leak which are from the oil filter housing gasket and the oil pan itself im guessing, as well as 2nd gear is messed up from probably a short shift kit install that went wrong.. i mean come on guys i can't even type all the stuff that is wrong with this thing. i really really really dont know how i didn't notice 2nd gear when i bought it.. i was so excited to get a BMW that i just got hustled by a retard.

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I feel your pain.

Just for future reference. Did you get a PPI performed on the car? If you are buying a used car, ALWAYS get a PPI performed. Do Not believe what anyone tells you about a car unless it is written down and signed. And even then reserve a little skepticism.

Sometimes you have to even spend money right after you buy a vehicle for additional piece of mind. (I'm not saying the previous owner didn't rip you off,) I spent $2700 two minutes after buying my car to have all the hoses, fluids, and brakes completely done.

It is the cost of admission sometimes. Good luck with the sale and better luck with the new vehicle.

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