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Originally Posted by ride365 View Post
Alton Brown is great for what he does, but I see him more like a novelty act. I wouldn't recommend him for a beginner because he is so focused on doing things his way.

"How to cook a turkey? Well, you have to go buy a Coleman 27.3 gallon cooler, 2 kilograms of dry ice and aluminum pinking sheers."

No, I definitely wouldn't recommend him to someone looking to get started in cooking. He is pure entertainment. But I think the general recommendation of watching cooking shows is a safe bet.
lol... while i do partially agree with you, I think that a good amount of his shows, if not most of them, are very innovative and informative.

he is extremely concentrated on temperatures, cooking times, and explains molecularly what happens. as a beginner, i think it is crucial to know how and why something happens, it makes you understand on such a better level IMO

For example... and yes, its a dump topic but its the quickest one that came to mind. You could season a steak perfectly, cook it perfectly, etc... Good Eats is that show you watch that will tell you to let the steak rest (with an excuse to why) and also to keep it elevated that way the steak doesn't sit in a puddle and kill half your crust. Ever since I saw that episode, I let me steaks rest on a baking rack, or if i only pan sear, i'll get some aluminum foil, crinkle it up, and make a 3 inch "donut" out of it and put the steak on that for a few minutes so the steak stays elevated

Dumb example, but you get my point
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