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Can you quantify what you mean by massive oil leak? Is it a measurable amount lost every time you drive it? Is it leterally pouring oil? Because it is not unusual for the oil filter housing gasket to leak on older cars. It may look like a lot, but it really is not that much. Also, it is almost impossible to tell if the oil pan gasket is leaking with the filter housing gasket leaking. I understand you are disappointed about the problems, but it almost sounds like you are just giving up andw taking a big loss, rather than trying to fix the car. You mention several leaks, but these are all repairable, and not at a huge cost. The transmission issue may not be a horrible deal either. You may want to take a deep breath, and make an honest assessment of exactly how bad the leaks are. You got screwed over somewhat (maybe a lot) by the seller, but don't screw yourself worse by selling a car for a loss. Get a few opinions about the severity and cost involved to fix the oil leaks. My advice would be to slow down, and not let your emotion force you in to selling the car for a loss. You have some leaks, and that sucks. But they may not be "game over" leaks. So, let's start with what you consider a massive oil filter housing leak. How much oil are we talking about? Any pics?
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