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Originally Posted by BROKENBIMMER View Post
Not to mention I lost power after my header install becuz these n/a motors need the back pressure from the exhaust mainfolds and u can have the biggest manifold in the world If it's pulling air through the same throttle body ur gonna lose hp also from the loss of air speed.the fuel will not atomize properly and cai is irrelevant on a Dyno ur gonna be drawing hot air reguardless if the car is stationary. U can be mad that ur "mods" have no benifit and are actually causing a loss of power
You are entirely full of crap. The M54B25 manifold uses the same D shaped cross-section as the M54B30 manifold and uses the same 2.9 inch throttle body...So who are we to believe, the Engineers at BMW, or some guy with a broken POS that supposedly pulls 192 whp completely stock.

You want us to believe that you only lose 1 (ONE) horsepower when transmitting power to the wheels? And in case you didn't know this about the MS42,43,45.1 and MSS54 DMEs...they adapt the fuel to meet the requirements of the extra air entering the combustion chamber based on how much oxygen is read by the Pre-cat Sensors.

Also a long tube CAI that pulls air from the bumper with smooth out the air flow before it reaches the MAF allowing more air to be read and a better fuel mixture to be attained. (Iceman, correct if I'm wrong please)

But you can continue to keep thinking you are making big numbers on a 260,000mile stock engine...but don't go spreading your lies in this thread.
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