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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
Can you quantify what you mean by massive oil leak? Is it a measurable amount lost every time you drive it? Is it leterally pouring oil? Because it is not unusual for the oil filter housing gasket to leak on older cars. It may look like a lot, but it really is not that much. Also, it is almost impossible to tell if the oil pan gasket is leaking with the filter housing gasket leaking. I understand you are disappointed about the problems, but it almost sounds like you are just giving up andw taking a big loss, rather than trying to fix the car. You mention several leaks, but these are all repairable, and not at a huge cost. The transmission issue may not be a horrible deal either. You may want to take a deep breath, and make an honest assessment of exactly how bad the leaks are. You got screwed over somewhat (maybe a lot) by the seller, but don't screw yourself worse by selling a car for a loss. Get a few opinions about the severity and cost involved to fix the oil leaks. My advice would be to slow down, and not let your emotion force you in to selling the car for a loss. You have some leaks, and that sucks. But they may not be "game over" leaks. So, let's start with what you consider a massive oil filter housing leak. How much oil are we talking about? Any pics?
Yea after i bought the car the guy said it was leaking from the oil pan and that its a $3k fix so literally just get some sealent and go around it!!

Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
$500 is what these are going for people, stop giving OP retarded offers. If you don't want his then go to eBay and pay $1000 to that dealer who is selling the few they kept when everybody else blew theirs out a while back
thank you! someone PMed me $100 shipped.. i almost deleted the thread and started making a trophy case for it to sit in display in my room.

Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post
Some fluid leaks, a wacked second gear shift and a few non-mentioned....why the hell would you sell for a $7K loss? This is EXACTLY what sites like this are for OP. Maybe I missed an earlier thread or something, but given some time, a few bucks and the help of forums like this and the knowledge gathered on these cars, you could very well bring the car back to life and either keep it or sell it on after fixing it for a better deal than the one you're about to do.

I know not all situations will allow this, but in the face of such a loss, I'm not sure there are many I can forsee that would prevent such a horrible loss.

If willing, post an informative thread outlining each problem and we can help sift through each one, explaining ease of repair and approximate cost to DIY.

Sell the bar for money to work on the car. Yes, $500 is a fair price for these nowadays. GLWS OP.
The thing is the original owner lied about everything so what if i stick with it and something HUGE pops up like the clutch that he removed the bleeder from to make it shift faster/put more strain on the synchros

Originally Posted by WheyArea View Post
I agree, all is not lost unless you know you can't do the DIY (or it's just too much money). Get the car looked at by an indie shop or mech who can tell you EXACTLY what's wrong and how much it would cost to do it yourself.

Sorry to hear about being scammed. You should find that guy asap
I can't DIY i've never worked on cars before. Another reason i dont want to DIY is because i might miss something that is out of place that a professional would see. im almost certain the original owner/seller of this vehicle has read my threads and is following my posts.. i got a text message today from a dallas,tx number that said "relieve the hurt in your pocket by going to www.atmsafemutal.com... OBTAIN UP TO 0NE THOUSAND NOW(type #STOP to end).. i almost stopped what i was doing and slammed my phone into the counter. im so close to taking that 3&hour drive.

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