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Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
On deads, try to imagine sitting down in a chair for the first actual "movement" which will help keep your back from doing all the pull, but also then try to visualize pushing the earth down...hard to explain, but you want to drive with your feet, not back - thats how injuries can happen (obviously other types of dead and RDL's, this will change)

The slight slowing of the down movement which you already talked about, and DON'T LOOK DOWN with the weight loaded lol. Make sure to look high to keep everything tightened - you're in a corner, you don't need to worry about what crack you're standing on and just get the feel for where your feel should be....mirror might help.

Otherwise, esta bien
there is a mirror right in front of me. Thanks for the tips. On the second paragraph are you talking about squats or deads? I have the mirror in front for deads

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Those DL reps at 260 were way too fast to not even for for the 5th rep. Taking a big breath and holding it before your reps will help you keep a lot tighter. Also, you are almost stiff leg deadlifting the heavier weights. I have that same problem when they get heavy. Try to keep it closer to your body and get a little more knee bend into the movement and push through the ground.

Squats look good though even though you look fat!
haha I do man. i'll take more video on Saturday when I do them again. You think I should deload back to 225?

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