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Originally Posted by moiz21 View Post
I think Romeo is setting them up. He said they pay good money to make sure they are in the know about all going ons with the feds. Yet he has no idea that Bobby is locked up. I call BS on that. Jax is too smart for that, just like last season with Stahl and how they set her up. They are going to figure something out. Can't wait!
idk if romeo is setting them up or not, but i think that he doesnt care what happens as long as he gets his product. it never showed him make a call to his guy on the inside and i think that he just made up the stuff he told jax just so jax wouldnt bail out on the meet.

clay is definitely going to die, the preview for next week shows jax either choking or holding a knife up to clays throat and saying something about how he killed his father and tried to have his wife killed, AND tara gave jax that syringe to inject in clays iv...i have a feeling he wont be using it tho..
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