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Originally Posted by moiz21 View Post
As far as killing Clay, they showed a preview of next week and wasn't Jax in the room with him holding something up to his throat talking about how he killed his dad? I think he is going to see something or hear something before the meet or on the way and be smart enough to back off. Either way he wants out of guns, so no sweat off his back if he blows it off and just splits. But since there is supposed to be another season, I don't think he is leaving SAMCRO just yet.

On a side note, anyone ever look into getting a SAMCRO hoody? Some look pretty nice honestly. Love the reaper design.
I have the hoodie Jax was wearing at the jail when he visited Lenny. Navy blue and just says SAMCRO on the front. I love it, people comment on it all them time when I wear it out.
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