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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
Someone correct me here but wasn't ops knees too fwd in his squat?

I was always trained to not keep your knees past the toes.

Other than that solly keep the work and are u still on paleo?

Maybe it's your shirt but it looks like u have a gut lol
I've never heard of keeping your knees back. I'm not really sure how one can physcially do that without tipping backwards.

Here's a video showing very good form and the cover of the book which the program is based on. Both of which show knees past toes. The bar should be inline with the feet. It wouldn't be possible imo to have bar/knees/feet all in a line.

Here's a link with some info regarding the knees over toes myth

and no more paleo right now. I've been eating pretty sh1tty just to get my calories. I may go back to an almost strict paleo diet soon though. And regarding my "gut", I have about a 32inch waist. I guess the combo of the shirt plus the pushing out of the abs makes me look fat lol.

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