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Originally Posted by moiz21 View Post
Tara doesn't know any parts of the letters are missing. Jemma is the one who pulled out stuff from the original pile. And Clay knows whats there because he saw the copies Unser was trying to burn earlier in the season, atleast some of the ones that weren't too burned, and destroyed them afterwards.
last night, when jax was at the table reading the letters, jemma went outside, and tara pulled up and said that she pulled some out...they were in the storage unit and tara told jemma where they were...they were in her desk before that...are you talking about JT's journal that jax had been reading earlier in the show? bc the letters im talking about are the ones that the irish lady snuck into jax's bag and are from JT to her when he was having an affair with her...

I think that tara pulled some of these letters that talked about how JT knew that clay and jemma were also having an affair so that she could protect jemma from jax bc she was cheating on jax's father with the man that killed him....i dont think jax would appreciate that...
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