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Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
Second paragraph was squats. I think one thing about knees in front of toes is that you have a tendency to end up pushing with the front of your feet and shifting the weight instead of staying on the heels and outside of feet.

Glight brought up a good point....for deads, take a deep breath right before you lift and hold it. This will help protect your spine.
Ok got it. From what I've been reading from Mark Rippetoe is that you should be focusing out about 6 feet to the floor. He says to keep the spine and head in a line.

I haven't had that feeling of pushing with the front of my feet at all yet. In the past when I squatted with sneakers I always felt like that would happen. I'm really glad that's not a problem I have to fix. Right now I workout in socks and soon I'll get some vibrams.
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