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Have ZF transmission - a few general questions

Hi there, I've read through this entire thread and found it quite enlightening (though depressing).

I have a 2000 323i Touring that just got the no-reverse issues. As it was built in June of 2000, I suspect that I have the ZF transmission (have not yet stuck my head under the car to verify but all signs point this way).

My symptoms:

For the past month or two, if I threw it into reverse too soon after starting the car, it would really pop when it went into gear.

About 4 months ago, the transmission went into limp home mode (but then never did it again)

Yesterday morning, the reverse failed completely (for the first time ever). I have tried it cold. I have raced up and down the freeway like a madman and tried it warm. Nothing helps.

So, here are my questions:

1) From reading this thread, I gather that the suspect valve that everyone is referring to in this thread is only relavant to the gm tranny. Correct?

2) In all likelihood I am looking at the cracked drum that lucifer1306217 is referring to in his/her post (thanks for that btw). If so, any recommendations on where to go to see if I can get that fixed in the San Francisco Bay Area?

3) Would a used transmission (not rebuilt) make any sense? I mean, if it is (off the top of my head) half as expensive as a rebuild, I could have two of them fail on me before I am behind the 8-ball financially. But there may be other considerations.

4) Any thoughts on what a 2000 323i Touring (gold) with 116K mi and in decent but not perfect shape would sell for (given that the transmission is busted)?
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